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  • The southern coast of Sikka Regency has a beauty that is no less attractive than the northern coast. One of the coastal areas worth exploring is Doreng beach. Doreng Beach is located at a distance of 39 km from the town of Maumere. To reach Doreng, you have to drive down the hillside and even through the mountains. In addition to the long reach, bad road conditions can also be the cause of the lack of visitors to Doreng beach. It is easiest to reach Doreng by taking the route through Bola. Driving in this area must be quite careful. If some points of beach before Doreng are found with coral reefs, Doreng is the exception. The stretch of Doreng beach is quite long, decorated with white sand, which is clean from trash and free of rocks. Some dry trees on the beach can be used to sit back, looking at the clear expanse of sea with ombal rolls breaking in the middle of the sea.

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