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Site Name
  • Pantai Hia

  • Address
  • Lewomada - Kecamatan Talibura

  • Description
  • Hi'a Beach Located in Hi'a Hamlet, Lewomada Village, Talibura District, this place presents the uniqueness of three colors of beach sand, namely white, black, and pink. It is approximately 73 km from the city of Maumere. To come here, you can use 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled vehicles. Swimming and snorkeling are very good here because the sea is clean. In this place there is also a large enough brackish water pool, surrounded by sentigi forest and mangroves. Hi'a Beach is now managed by the residents of Hi'a Hamlet under the coordination of the Lewomada Village Government. The facilities currently prepared include dozens of lopos on the coast, seats in the middle of the Sentigi forest, parking lots, and selfie photo spots for visitors. For toilets, they still use the toilets belonging to local residents Hi'a Beach is always crowded with tourists, especially on Sundays and holidays.

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