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  • Pasir Timbul Taka Belang/Mbo Mina

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  • Kelurahan Wailiti - Alok Barat

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  • The raised sand that is in front of the wailiti village is called Taka Belang by the local community and by the wuring or bajo fishing community it is called Taka Mbo Mina. We can not enjoy this emergent sand every time because it appears following the tides of the sea water. To be able to enjoy it, we can contact the community / fishermen at the Wuring port to rent a boat and agree on the right schedule to get there. The water and white sand are so clean that there we can swim and take selfies as if on our own beach. The current there is quite fast, you should swim not too far from the sand and must be under the supervision of a friend or boat person. don't forget to bring enough food and water, and an umbrella for shelter. If you are lucky the water recedes in the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset in this place. To get there, you can contact Armex Mobile Number 082266148423

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