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Site Name
  • Spot dive Pangabatang Selatan

  • Address
  • Pulau pangabatang-Perumaan-Alok Timur

  • Description
  • The diving here is fairly easy and comfortable, so it is a great place for beginners, but if there is a strong current you should stay close to the reef and not to get swept away. Walking along beautiful coral gardens with white sand and large chunks of coral and along slopes covered by healthy soft corals and gorgonian sea fans, you can find eagle rays, sharks, prawns and nudibranchs (a type of sea slug without a shell). Around the shallow reefs, there are often sea turtles and sometimes even banded sea snakes. If we are lucky we can see marine mammals, dugongs. For those of you who can't dive, this place is also good for snorkeling. After finishing the underwater activities, you can enjoy the white sand on this charming Pangabatang Island while waiting for the sunset.

  • For diving facilities, we can contact the Hotel / Resort where you stay or contact the Maumere Diver Community.

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